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VooDoo Lab A Highly Underrated Multi-Effects Company:

VooDoo Lab A Highly Underrated Multi-Effects Company:

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I am in no way getting paid to write this, this is just out of pure love and admiration for a great American company.

When you think of the term VooDoo your mind automatically wanders to the Bayous of Lousiana, or the streets of New Orleans, where perhaps you walk into a shop with Voodoo dolls hanging from the ceiling or come across a strange sorcerer banished to live out the rest of her days in a forgotten swamp cabin with the gators of the bayou. But for this California-based company, the only thing that’s scary is their catchphrase “Scary Good Tone” which has garnered pretty much every guitar pedal built by the company since they got their start.

 From their famous “Pedal Power” which has powered pretty much every rig in music since the dawn of time, to their Ground Control Pro switcher, used heavily by the likes of Brad Paisley. Witchcraft takes on a whole new meaning. The Sparkle Drive is a legendary pedal in itself used on tour with John Mayer and Zac Brown Band. Of course, the legend of the bayou himself John Fogerty uses the VooDoo Labs Tremolo to get his iconic and swampy late 60s guitar tones that made CCR Famous.

Though one of their most underrated products is one of the best, by far. I was sent one a few years back and I’ll be honest I was very reluctant to even acknowledge I was using this in fear that my secret to good tone would be exposed forever. The Giggity Pre-Amp can do things I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anything do, scary good things. They sent me one of these in hopes I’d review it. This was YEARS ago. Honestly, as I mentioned this became a major secret weapon on my rack and I’ve loved it so much over the course of these last couple years that I vowed to never speak of it. But I just don’t think thats fair and thats not really the type of guy I am. I also sit here and watch as not many people know what these pedals are or have a general understanding of the powers they hold within them.

With The Giggity you can get a great clean boost, some crunch sounds, to the edge of breakup all the way to a lush saturated tone. But it doesn’t stop there, this isn’t your typical overdrive pedal. This is a pre-amp too and its a damn good one at that, lets put it this way….I’m able to use a Les Paul with an EL34 Marshall Style amp and have it sound like one of the best Telecasters ever made. Did I mention its all Analog? Yeah, not playing here. Forget about thin digital multi-effects, this is the real deal. With just a turn of the knob, you can make a thin-sounding single coil pickup sound as thick and as plump as a Christmas Goose. Or say you want to go full P90 with your humbucker, it does that too suddenly getting fat yet rich jangly P90 tones that would confuse the heck out of even Brain Setzer.

I recorded myself playing my Les Paul with Seymor Ducans through the Giggity and fooled my best friend who is a well-known Nashville studio producer he was convinced it was a tele. Or say you are playing a really overly bright guitar threw an overly bright amp, maybe you want some added bass to fatten up your tone or maybe don’t feel like changing the EQ on the amp for every song but want a brighter or darker tone for some songs, yup it does that too. Either way you spin it I feel like this is one of the most underrated guitar effects ever, its completely original too theres nothing really like it that I’ve heard. You can even leave it on as an “Always On Effect” because some setting are subtle, it just seems to make anything you throw at it sound better.

When it comes to attitude and mojo their Super Fuzz pedal also kicks ass. It has a sound that is totally VooDoo lab, and yes I think they are one of very few pedal companies that have their own sonic personality, they aren’t trying to be a tube screamer or any other pedal, they seem to have a very unique and distinct voice. Or as I like to put it “That Superstar Quality” and its not hard to see why with nearly every single artist in the entire music industry using their products, from The Eagles to Robert Plant, their artist list is massive and impressive. I know for a fact when it comes time to building my rig out this winter I will be buying at least four of their Voodoo hex controllers to have on my touring rack, they make both great and underrated products that are simply the best.

Written By Cody Wolfe