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Outlaw Country Artists: Past and Present

When it comes to country music, this is my favorite sub-genre is Outlaw Country. Sure there is Texas Country, Red-dirt Country, but my favorite is so pure country and so badass it could only be Outlaw. I’m talking Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, Country Legends like that. This is my top picks for Outlaw Country, past and present.

#8 Morgan Wallen


Morgan Wallen mullet smile jean jacket new music album cover

Country Singer Morgan Wallen might not be considered outlaw country to some, but when it comes to   mullet wearing Morgan Wallen fans might think otherwise. The country music singer/songwriter is known for saying the “n word” while leaving his house after a night of drinking and missing appearances on major tv and award shows. This rebel outlaw singer is about as country as they come even rocking a Joe Diffie style mullet and fans do the same. Known for his #1 country music drinking song “Whiskey Glasses” Morgan Wallen is what most love about country music.

#7: Jamey Johnson



Jamey Johnson in color photo with guitar on stage yelling at radio dj

I have decided to put Jamey Johnson on this list as he just took a major stand against country radio in a BOLD outlaw country move. The 47 year old Jamey Johnson known for his song “In Color” blasted kicks country radio djs live on stage at his show in Lincoln Nebraska, telling them to get the fuck off the stage for not playing his music. Fans cheered as the crowd echoed his honest outlaw country stance.

#6: Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton black and white photo new music album cover cowboy hat

Country Music Star Chris Stapleton has a song called Outlaw State Of Mind which  is exactly what you would expect from a blue collar american singer. His true country style and deep country voice make him similar to a modern George Jones. Although one might mistake him for a true western cowboy off the plains of Arizona.

#5: Steve Earle

Steve Earl singing Copperhead Road

From Copperheard Road to White House Road Steve Earle isn’t afraid to tell you like it is. He looks like he might be banned from entering a few counties or like he just got off a shiny Harley Davidson riding in the cover of night with the ghosts of The Hells Angels perhaps down some forgotten highway in a desert somewhere. It doesn’t get more outlaw then that his true country music and talent make him the real deal.

#4: David Allen Coe

David Allen Coe songs and album cover black and white photo cowboy hat country music

David Allen Coe is so outlaw he can’t play shows in certain states, some of his music has been pulled and he is banned from playing a lot of country music award shows popularity contests but who in the hell cares right? Some of his music might be consider raciest but it is also reminiscent of a time in America when you had freedom. Freedom in arts and music and expression and weren’t afraid to tell it like it is or was. Art at its purest form. He will aways be an outlaw country legend for this it takes guts to make music with no care about what people think.


#3 Charlie Daniels

Devil Went Down To Georgia singer Charlie Daniels holding a white guitar

From “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” to “Long Haired Country Boy” I can’t leave Charlie Daniels Music alone. Charlie Daniels Lyrics say it best:

A poor girl wants to marryAnd a rich girl wants to flirtA rich man goes to collegeAnd a poor man goes to work

Long Haired Country Boy Lyrics by Charlie Daniels panting a picture and telling you just how it is. Theres an honesty that comes out of that. Every country song should be that honest.



#2: Merle Haggard

Merle Haggard Momma Tried country music outlaw singer poses in front of blue background

Young Merle Haggard was arrested several times back in the day, before he became one of the greatest country singer’s of all time he was charged with burglary in 1957 at the age of 18.  Then tried to escape prison which landed him in even deeper water but he took up a love for music when Johnny Cash came to San Quentin and played the Folsom Prison Blues. After seeing Johnny Cash live Haggard vowed he would change his life. He picked up the guitar and started writing music.


#1: The Highway Men

The Highway Men Willie Nelson Johnny Cash Waylon Jennings Kris Kristofferson country music outlaws

All these Outlaws I had to mention together. The Highway Men were a group of country artists comprised of Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristofferson, and Waylon Jennings. They were the group that made country “western” music famous. Made every single young country artist want to be like these guys, from the plains of Texas to the wind swept prairies of Kansas you really feel like your there when you listen to one of their songs. You can’t find a more legendary group then this in all of music these guys made waves in their solo careers but all together were unstoppable. From getting arrested to banned from the Opry to smoking weed and landing helicopters in places helicopters shouldn’t be landed. These guys were the real deal.


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