Cody Wolfe

Biggest Jerks In Country Music:

No one likes to hear that their favorite singer is a jerk. But most of country music is full of artists with massive egos that think they are the greatest thing in the world but secretly hate fans. Whether its driving 5 hours to Boston spending $100 in gas and $50 on a ticket to see someone you like sing one song then flat out being snubbed like your nothing or its walking by fans and ignoring them like a straight up douche bag. I’ve had my brush with artists that treat fans like shit. Here are some male country singers  that let fame get to their head. Let me get this straight I am not adding any one on this list if they were rude one time. But if I had the same experience multiple times and other fans have told me the same thing I know that they are not a good person. Here are my top 5 Male Country Artists that treat fans like garbage:

#5: George Strait

George Strait Wrangler Shirt beltbuckle smile

I met George Strait twice, one time in music row when he was getting into his bus and one time at the actual CMA Awards when he was getting into a golf cart. Both times were very unpleasant,  from selling out arenas to dropping off the map, its not easy to see why. You can tell he has a stage ego by the way he holds himself on stage, but he’s also not the nicest guy in person either even if you just want to talk to him, all I got out was “Hey George” he slammed the bus door in my face. Much later I saw him again at the CMA Awards I went to introduce myself and figured last time maybe it was just a bad day but again was treated like shit as he turned his back after I said hello, got on a golf cart and waved goodbye. That’s where the cowboy rode away.  Haven’t listened to a single one of his songs since, I was a massive George Strait fan too.

#4: Aaron Lewis

Aaron Lewis singing songs live Aaron Lewis Music, Arron Lewis in the band stained singing country songs live

Not sure why people like this guy at all or even who would sign him there is nothing likable about him what so ever. When you hear the term “Masshole” they are describing Aaron Lewis perfectly. Saw him at Losers bar and he was drunk and tried to start a fight. I said “Hey man I’m a fellow artist from just over the line in CT” as I went to shake his hand he made a fist and told me to get the fuck away from him. I ran into him when he was sober a few weeks later at Tin Roof and he wasn’t much better. I’d stay clear away and not stream his music he thinks hes the cats ass and has a ripping temper, drinks a lot and tries to fight people even at his own show there are several videos of him on YouTube pausing his live show to start fights with fans..  This guy is not a good guy and shouldn’t be where hes at. Putting Aaron Lewis at #4 for Top Male Country Singers that treat their fans like trash.


#3 Luke Combs

Luke Combs on tour wearing a columbia hat and blue shirt

Ah yes, Luke Combs.  I first met Luke way back before he was famous playing writer rounds at Commodore Grill in Nashville. He was nice back then, real humble and really down to earth he had a GREAT voice and shocked everyone in the room when he sang, including me. We connected right after and I followed him on Twitter to support him as a fellow artist and songwriter. He actually dm’d me and asked me to help get his name out there I had more followers then him at the time. I did and told fans to follow him. Shortly after he forgot who I was, stopped replying to messages, and signed a record deal. I asked his manager Kappy if I could some how do a show with him if I proved I could sell tickets, and was rudely told that him and Luke were on a private jet bound for Europe and was hung up on. I let fans know on Twitter that Luke had changed, he was no longer down to earth or the humble guy people loved. I was then surrounded right afterwards with a posy of songwriters that wanted to kick my ass.

He was marketed as country musics ” savior” but apologizes for no reason and sends people after you when you try to tell the truth about him. Can I get an Outlaw or are you just a poser? By the way thank you Kappy for the private jet idea, after you made the comment about the jet it helped inspired me to write “Better Without You.”

If I turn up missing investigate Make Wake Artist’s they are the real Nashville Mafia.


#2: Breland

Country Singer Breland

Breland, not many people really even know who Breland is, but he recently landed a duet with

Dierks Bentley a song called “Beers On Me.” I was in the crowd when he stunned an audience of songwriters with “Don’t Touch My Truck” which was so big it made the Billboard Hot 100 charts, the BIG charts. But Breland got too big too quick and turned into a total jerk. I sat at the table with him when he was first starting out at a writers round. He was a really down to earth artist and quickly became one of my favorite. I followed him on both Instagram and Twitter. Then one night I came out to support him at Whiskey Jam and he had his “brothers” a street gang of  thugs surround me in the back alley and told me to leave or I would be sorry. I left. Once again never listened to a song of his since I am not a fan of criminal behavior or his far left thinking, he slammed white people in a now deleted YouTube song he made. Let me tell you something Breland, I don’t give a crap how many fans you have, how many songs you wrote (I know you bragged they are into the thousands) or how much money you have. I don’t care what color skin you are but when you treat fans and fellow artists like that you are not worthy of a record deal and hopefully it won’t be long until your back singing in church.


#1: Florida Georgia Line

Brian Kelly and Tyler Hubbard Florida Georgia Line in the studio

I met Florida Georgia Line a total of 6 times and each and every time I met them they have been jerks. First time was at Hebron Harvest Fair in Connecticut when “Cruise” first dropped. “Cruise” just so happened to be getting a lot of radio play  when they first came on the scene. So naturally they thought they were the biggest band in the world. They rolled up in the most expensive tour buses you could have and ordered as part of their contract, that a chain link fence be constructed around their buses so no one was to bother them. If that wasn’t enough they had private body guards, fair security, CSC Event Staff, state police, local police for Hebron and regular security on top of it and if anyone got close they made a HUGE deal about it. After that I was lucky enough to see them at the CMT Awards, where I was brushed off like a no one and they refused to get any photos with or even shake my hand. I again ran across them years later at The Ryman where I watched Brain come out of the bus and pretend to be on his phone to avoid having to talk to the fans, he held his phone right up to his ear and walked by pretending like his fans didn’t exist. I met them several times after with more then one horror story. Long story short, these guys are #1 on the asshole list. Fans are great to them when they count the numbers ticket sales, merch sales or want people to stream their song, but when it really matters do these guys even give a crap? The answer is no. They don’t give a shit about their fans, even if they lose a handful of them the radio keeps playing their songs and record labels keep paying for it.