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Academy Of Country Music Awards 2022: Male Country Music Singers That Should Have Been Nominated

We can’t all win awards or even be nominated but here is a look back at the 2022 ACM Awards, and which male country artists should have been nominated but weren’t.

#5: Dan & Shay

Dan and Shay songs and new music pose for album cover with red shirt

Dan & Shay are a power country duo, Shays stunningly high and versatile Country Voice and a vocal range similar to Gary Levox and Dan compliments nicely with a smooth harmony,  making them a great pair. But the two were snubbed at this years ACM Awards. Although they were famous for their song “10,000 hours” featuring Justin Bieber, we haven’t seen many break through new releases from them, could a new album be in the works? Maybe a big single like “Tequila” hopefully those questions will be answered soon.

#4: Kip Moore

Kip Moore singing  new country music

Kip Moore has been snubbed at nearly every award show since his release. The talented singer/songwriter was nominated for three ACM Awards but his last win was in 2012 for “Somethin Bout A Truck” I would have thought “Pretty Girl” or “Beer Money” would have won something but they didn’t, and hes been out of the ACM spotlight since, not fair to country loving fans that just want Moore. Kip has amazing talent being one of the few that write his own music, so just for that reason is partly why I think we don’t see a lot of him.

#3: Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt new music album cover 23, southside sam hunt

Sam Hunt has also been absent for a lot of ACM Awards wins. Which makes me wonder, is Sam Hunt really country anyway? Don’t get me wrong hes a great artist, but maybe the ACM doesn’t see him as country enough. That is a good thing for preserving the integrity of the genre. His last win was in 2018 for “Body Like A Back Road” seems in order to Win an ACM Award you have to have the biggest single of the year and be in very good standing with the Academy, which seems to overlook some of countrys biggest stars.

#2: Justin Moore

Justin Moore ne music cowboy hat guitar pose singing

This ones hard to believe, because 10 years ago Justin Moore was one of the biggest names on radio. Not sure why he faded into obscurity but he did. With songs like “Small Town USA” “If Heaven Wasn’t So Far Away” you’d think he would still be in the major spotlight to this day winning awards. But you don’t really see a lot of him at award shows at all. Very little performances to match usually if you do see him hes presenting. In his 15 year career Moore has only won one ACM Award in 2014 which was “New Artist Of The Year” even though he launched his career in 2009. This male country artist with a cowboy hat has some great music and deserves better recognition.


#1: Dustin Lynch

Dustin Lynch named hottest country singer hottest male country singer dustin lynch

Dustin Lynch is another guy you see mostly presenting awards and not really winning, and this is a shame because he has a ton of great music that should be nominated. Despite the country music branding, deep country voice and the cowboy hat, Dustin Lynch is yet to even be nominated for an ACM Award. The ACM has snubbed him year after year surely he should have been nominated with “Cowboys and Angels” or “Red” or even “Thinking About You” but nope. Year after year goes by and he never gets nominated no surprise there with how political Nashville is. Keep pushing for it Dustin, were rooting for ya!


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